BWC Royal Bright (Face & Neck)

BWC Royal Bright (Face & Neck)

Without the use of needles (Meso – No Needles), the treatment penetrates vitamins and skin ingredients deeply into face and neck’s skin layer with the Infusion™ innovation. The device transmits Ionwave pulses to creates temporary channels for delivering the ingredients in the outermost skin layer (stratum corneum) without causing harm. The pulses are released in appropriate frequency and duration, stimulating the formation of microchannels in cell membranes to receive active substances necessary for the skin. After that, the skin cell membranes will revert to normal. Comparing to conventional treatments, this method is more effective and can bring ingredients into skin deeper with less pain and skin irritation. In addition, the use of suitable vitamins and ingredients will improve skin to be white, bright, moisturized, decrease appearance of surface lines and wrinkles, together with stimulates skin cell renewal, etc. The program is suitable for those who desire hydrated and brightened facial skin in limited time.

BWC Royal Bright treatment programs cover face, neck and eyes area. The duration of the treatment is approximately 30-60 minutes per session. Taking a session per week and at least 10 continuous sessions is generally recommended for the optimum result. It is advisable to consult our dermatologists before the treatments to assess your skin condition and select proper vitamins and ingredients that best suit you.

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BWC Royal Bright (Face & Neck)


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