Drive Car Rental

Special price for passengers Rental Car Start 1,150 THB .-

1 October 2023 - 31 December 2024

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Drive Car Rental

Rental Rate

1.Nissan Almera, Honda City 1000cc. Turbo Auto
Price 1,1150 Baht

2.Toyota Altis, Nissan Kick 1600 cc. Auto
Price 1,350 Baht

3.Hyundai H1 Elite 2500 cc.
Auto Toyota Commuter 2800 cc.
Auto Toyota Ventury 3000 cc. Auto
Price 1,950 Baht

4.Nissan Terra 2300 cc. Auto 
Toyota Fortuner 2400 cc. Auto
Price 2,250 Baht

5.BYD Atto 3 Extended Range(Only available in Bangkok)
Price 2,500 Baht

6.Tesla Model 3 / Model Y Long Range(Only available in Bangkok)
Price 3,500 Baht 

12 Branch Office (Include Head Office)

Airport : Location will includes:
1.  Suvarnabhumi Airport
2.  Chiang Mai Airport
3.   Phuket Airport
4.   Samui Airport  
5.    Krabi Airport

Non Airport :  Location will includes:
1.   BKK Head office
2.   Chiang Rai
3.   Don Mueang office
4.   Pattaya
5.   Udon Thani         
6. Patong Phuket
7.   Samui Downtown

1. Special privileges for Bangkok Airways Customers to Book a rental car with Drive Car Rental / Call center Tel. 02-821- 5992 between 1 October 2023 - 31 December 2024
2. Have a valid driver's license
3. Please present boarding pass and credit card used to book the car and pay by credit card on the day of the rental car.
4. This rate includes personal accident insurance, car insurance and taxes. (SCWD not include windows, mirrors, wheels & tyres.)
5.The renter must be at least 21 years of age to rent a car. Primary drivers and supplementary drivers must have a valid driving license, passport or identity card. Show when picking up the car Drivers must have a safe driving history and a driver's license must be valid for at least 1 year and the driver's license has not expired.
6.The renter must have a driver's license or international driver's license or a translation document for a driver's license in Thai.
7. The renter must own the credit card and the credit card must have sufficient credit limit to rent a car. Minimum 10,000 Baht or more
8. Deposit: The deposit will be credited from the credit card depending on the model of the rental car. Small car engine 1.2-1.6 cc, deposit of 10,000 baht and large car engine 1.8cc or moreand BYD EV Car deposit limit of 20,000 baht, Tesla EV Car deposit limit of 25,000 baht this deposit limit will be returned to the credit card when the customer returns the car and is in perfect condition according to the specified conditions.
9. In case of requiring the company to pick up and drop off the car Please contact call center 02-821-5992 (daily from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm).
Free pick-up and drop-off service for customers who rent a car for more than 7 days (free 20 km)
-For 21 – 30 kilometers, the price is 321 baht/Trip
-For 31 – 50 kilometers, the price is 535 baht/Trip
-For a distance of 51 – 70 kilometers, the price is 749 baht/Trip
-For pick-up and drop-off service in other provinces and over 70 kilometers (distance cost)
-For rental period less than 7 days or use the service at a provincial branch. For more information, please contact Reservation Department.
10. Can return the car 1 hour late
11.Reserve the car in advance of departure
12.The Promotion price Blackout Period cannot be booked and exercised during
  • 8-11 Feb 2024
  • 5-16 Apr 2024
  • 1-11 Dec 2024
  • 22 Dec 2024-2 Jan 2025
    13.The Company reserves the right to refuse booking if there is no available car during long weekends and festivals.
  • Contact

    Drive Car Rental 727 Srinakarin Road Suan Luang Bangkok 10250

    [email protected]

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