Japan Airlines

To earn FlyerBonus points, simply present your FlyerBonus card when booking or checking-in with

Japan Airlines.

The number of points earned per sector will be based on the calculated mile distance between the applicable airports at a rate of 1

FlyerBonus point

per mile flown with additional bonuses or discounts subject to the class of travel as shown in the chart below:
On/After 1 April, 2022 (Departure date basis) *New
Compartment Booking Class Converted Class Accrual Factor
First Class F, A F 150%
A Z 0%
Business Class J, C, D, I C 125%
X B 70%
U Z 0%
Premium Economy Class W, R Y 100%
E B 70%
P R 50%
P T 0%
Economy Class Y Y 100%
B, H, K, M B 70%
L, V, S R 50%
O, G, Q, N, Z Q 30%
T T 0%
JAL Japan Domestic Flights
Compartment Booking Class Converted Class Accrual Factor
First Class   F 150%
  E 125%
  Z 0%
Class-J   J 110%
  I 85%
  Z 0%
Economy Class   Y 100%
  A 75%
  Z 0%

Earn Points with Japan Airlines

  1. Members can request retroactive credit of FlyerBonus points for travel with Japan Airlines on qualifying fares up to 6 (six) months from the date of travel
  2. Booking classes Z, U, P and T do not qualify for point accrual
  3. Flights eligible for point accrual are:
    - Those flights marketed and operated by Japan Airlines.
    - Those flights marketed by Japan Airlines and operated by Bangkok Airways
    - Those flights marketed by Bangkok Airways and operated by Japan Airlines
  4. Charter flights operated by Japan Airlines will not be eligible for point accrual
  5. FlyerBonus points earned on Japan Airlines flights are not flight qualifying points and will not be considered for membership level evaluation
  6. To claim retro credit of FlyerBonus points after the flights within 6 months of travel, members must submit the scanned documents as following :
        1. Boarding Passes
        2. Electronic Ticket
        3. Flight Itinerary
        through an online retroactive claim request here or by email : flyerbonus@bangkokair.com
        FlyerBonus reserve the right to reject the retroactive request which contains incomplete data.
  7. Each accrual activity can be credited to only one frequent flyer program
  8. Points cannot be transferred from one program to another. Claims for FlyerBonus points that have been credited to JAL Mileage Bank program are not eligible for credit with FlyerBonus Program