Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited

Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or "KTC" is the leader in the credit card and consumer loans industry with services and administration quality and efficiency on the international level. Operating since December 1996, KTC aims to be transparent, focused and truly relevant to the consumers' requirements.

Presently, KTC has around 1.13 million KTC cardholders who can enjoy services and convenience from over 133,000 establishments across the country including 30 KTC Boutique Branches, comprehensive financial service centers to accommodate the expansion of business and services covering financial transactions and other services such as personal loans, electronic payment system, monthly service fee payments and the partnership with leading business organizations to bring added privileges and benefits to KTC cardholders.

Besides, the members can exchange for 500 FlyerBonus Points from every 750 KTC forever points on your KTC-Bangkok Airways co-brand card.

From KTC Forever Points FlyerBonus points
1,000 500
**750 from Bangkok Airways Titanium Master Card, Bangkok Airways Visa Platinum
**Bonus points do not count towards membership status

Terms and Conditions

  1. For KTC-Bangkok Airways Titanium Master Card, KTC-Bangkok Airways Visa Platinum Credit Card, every 750 Forever Rewards points can be exchanged for 500 FlyerBonus pointsFor and Other KTC Credit Cards every 1,000 Forever Rewards points can be exchanged for 500 FlyerBonus points.
  2. The Forever Rewards points must be exchanged by contacting to KTC phone at 02 665 5000 and the Cardholders must comply with KTC's terms and conditions.
  3. A cardholder who wants to transfer the Forever Rewards points to FlyerBonus points must be a valid member of FlyerBonus Programme. If you are not already FlyerBonus member, Click here to enroll instantly online!
  4. Once the Forever Rewards points are transferred to FlyerBonus points, the converted points cannot be changed back to Forever Rewards points.
  5. Transferring the Forever Rewards points to FlyerBonus points processing shall be taken around 7 business days.
  6. Bonus points do not count towards membership status.
  7. Redeeming FlyerBonus award is based on FlyerBonus Programme's terms and conditions. Members can redeem for FlyerBonus awards at
  8. KTC and Bangkok Airways reserve the right to change the programme structure, rules, regulations, benefits and all other Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at any time with or without prior notice, even though change may affect the value of the points or awards already issued.

For more information, visit
or contact 66(0) 2123 5000

Kindly present your FlyerBonus membership card and/or state your FlyerBonus ID and your intention to collect FlyerBonus points each time you make a reservation or check in with Bangkok Airways and our Program Partners.