Government Savings Bank

GSB Credit Card members can convert their GSB Reward Points to FlyerBonus Points for various award redemptions. For instance, Bangkok Airways flight and ancillary awards

or Airline Partner flights awards, hotel and car rental awards. Bangkok Airways award flights can be redeemed for as few as 5,000 FlyerBonus points for a one-way domestic flight and 6,500 points for a one-way international flight.

For GSB Reward Points transfer rate of all GSB Credit Card type, please refer to the transfer rate table below. 
GSB Reward Points FlyerBonus Points
1,500 500

For more information please contact

  • GSB Credit Card Call Center at 02 299 8888 (For all GSB Credit Card members)
  • GSB Infinite Banking Call Center at 02 299 9999 (For GSB Prestige and World Elite Credit Card members).

Terms and Conditions

  • For GSB Credit Card, every 3 GSB Reward Points = 1 FlyerBonus Point; Minimum Transfer of 1,500 GSB Reward Points (Primary Card only).
  • The GSB Reward points must be exchanged by contacting to
    • GSB Credit Card Call Center phone at 02 299 8888 (For all GSB Credit Card members) and
    • GSB Infinite Banking Call Center at 02 299 9999 (For Prestige and World Elite Credit Card)   
  • GSB Reward Points from “Make A Wish” campaign season 1 and 2 cannot be transferred to FlyerBonus Point.
  • A card member who wants to transfer the GSB Rewards points to FlyerBonus points must be a valid member of FlyerBonus Programme. If you are not already FlyerBonus member, Click here to enroll instantly online!
  • Once the GSB Reward points are transferred to FlyerBonus points, the converted points cannot be changed back to GSB Reward points.
  • Transferring the GSB Reward points to FlyerBonus points processing shall be taken around 7 business days. Please spare your time for flight redemption at
  • At the date of request for transfer of GSB Reward Points, the GSB Credit Card members must have a normal account status and no record of default payment.
  • Bonus points do not count towards membership status.
  • Government Savings Bank reserves the right to give, cancel, withdraw or restore benefits under this program. Whether in whole or in part, including request to pay damages (if any) if the right to join the program is dishonest or fraudulent in order to obtain the benefits in this program or use the card for commercial business. Or usage of the card in violation of the conditions set, or misuse of consumption purposes. Or the member has cancelled the spending item after GSB has given benefits to the Credit Card members.
  • Redeeming FlyerBonus award is based on FlyerBonus Programme's terms and conditions. Members can redeem for FlyerBonus awards at
  • GSB and Bangkok Airways reserve the right to change the programme structure, rules, regulations, benefits and all other Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at any time with or without prior notice, even though change may affect the value of the points or awards already issued.
  • In the event of any dispute or argument, the decision by Government Savings Bank and FlyerBonus shall be absolute and final.