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Receive MORE and Spend LESS when Converting Your Credit Card Points to FlyerBonus Points

... rate can be applied to every conversion Credit Card Credit Card Points FlyerBonus Points 20% Bonus Points Total FlyerBonus Points to receive KTC-Bangkok Airways* 450 300 60 360 Bangkok Bank* Government Savings Bank Krungsri Krungsri First Choice Visa TMBThanachart (ttb)* 1,500 500 100 600 Citibank Kasikorn SCB and CardX* 3,000 1,000 200 1,200 ICBC (Thai) 100,000 1,250 250 1,500 *Minimum transfer rates apply for specific card types, click on the bank name to learn more KTC Bangkok Bank SCB and CardX ...


TMBThanachart (ttb) credit cardholders can now convert their ttb rewards plus points into FlyerBonus points. Points can be redeemed for a variety of awards including Bangkok Airways and airline partner flights, hotel stays, car rentals and ancillary awards....
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