Krungsri First Choice Visa Card

Krunsri First Choice Visa Card Holders can receive 500 FlyerBonus points for every 1,500 points exchanged. These points are redeemable for award flight(s), hotel voucher(s) and/or car rental voucher(s).

FlyerBonus awards begin from just 5,000 points for a one-way domestic flight and 7,500 points for a one-way international flight.
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Krungsri First Choice Reward Points FlyerBonus points
1,500 500

For inquiries, or more information, please contact the Card Call Center tel. 0-2345-6789

Terms and Conditions

  1. Krungsri First Choice Reward Points, in increments of 1,500, can be exchanged for the equivalent of 500 FlyerBonus points.
  2. Krungsri First Choice Reward Points must be exchanged by contact Call Center tel 0-2345-6789 The cardholder must mention code “ FV10097 ” via UCHOOSE Mobile Application. The cardholder must comply with Krungsri Card's terms and conditions
  3. A cardholder who wants to transfer their Krungsri First Choice Reward Points to the FlyerBonus scheme must be a valid member of the FlyerBonus Programme. Free enrolment, please click on here to enroll instantly online.
  4. Krungsri First Choice Reward Points have been transferred to FlyerBonus, the converted points cannot be changed back to Krungsri First Choice Reward Points. FlyerBonus shall not be responsible for the converted Krungsri First Choice Reward Points to FlyerBonus points or any actions taken by Ayudhya Capital Services Co., Ltd.
  5. Transferring the Krungsri First Choice Reward Points to FlyerBonus takes up to 10 working days. Award redemption and award booking must be completed online at at least 5 days before the date of travel. The cardholder has to ensure that there is enough time for FlyerBonus to process the request.
  6. FlyerBonus Points exchanged from Krungsri First Choice Reward Points do not count towards FlyerBonus membership status.
  7. Redeeming a FlyerBonus award is subject to the FlyerBonus Programme's Terms and Conditions. Members can redeem for awards at
  8. Bangkok Airways reserve the right to change the programme structure, rules, regulations, benefits and all other Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at any time with or without prior notice, even though change may affect the value of the points or awards already issued.