1. The ticket issued on/before 30 April 2020 and traveling date between 28 January and 30 April2020

Award Ticket Rebookings (Reservation Changes)
All award tickets or changes to reservations, can be rebooked without incurring a Booking / No Show Fee until 31 March 2021.

Award Ticket Refunds
Refunds for award tickets issued will be provided in full without any fee incursion

2. All tickets issued on/after 01 May 2020
Normal ticketing policy applies. Click here for Service Fees and Updates!

All award ticket rebooking and refund requests should be directed to the FlyerBonus Customer Service Centre, reachable via email at flyerbonus@bangkokair.com 
In order to service your enquiry as swiftly as possible, kindly include the following:

  1.  The keywords ‘Flight Rebooking’ or ‘Refund’ in the subject title
  2.  Your booking reference/ticket number
  3.  Your preferred new travel date(s) and flight numbers (if known)

Upon verification, an email acknowledging receipt will be sent to you within 7 working days.

All credit card refunds will be facilitated through the FlyerBonus Programme and credited back to the card used for ticket(s) purchase. Processing times take approximately 60 working days and are subject to the policies and procedures of the credit card company or issuing bank. Kindly note that no SMS alert messages will be delivered during this time so if further assistance is required, please contact the bank or credit card company concerned.

FlyerBonus points will be re-credited to the applicable member's account within 30 days. You can check your FlyerBonus point balance, as well as your last credited activity, by logging in to your membership account at www.flyerbonus.com.

For FlyerBonus member who have redeem BRC Lounge access, we are pleased to re-crediting 4,000 Flyerbonus points per voucher back to your membership account.

Remark Please note that if members have expired points within period 2018-2019 , those points will be also re-credited to applicable membership account and valid until 31 December 2020.