Earned FlyerBonus points are credited to your account automatically provided that you have stated your FlyerBonus number when utilizing our services. If you forget to present your FlyerBonus membership card and/or state your FlyerBonus number at check-in, claiming for missing points can be done online (within 6 months of the date of flight activity) at www.flyerbonus.com. Simply fill in the form, stating your flight origin and destination, flight number and travel date. Please allow up to 14 days for the points to be credited.

Claiming missing points for non-airline partners can be conducted online by completing the form found on the ‘Claim Missing Points’ menu with the hotel name, location, invoice number, check-in and check-out dates and room number allocated. For car rentals, the name of the Car Rental Company, pick up location, rental date and invoice number will need to be provided to ensure points can be accrued from any car rental activity. Approximately 45 days should be allowed for those claimed points to appear in your account.

Retroactive claims will not be accepted after a period of 6 months has passed from the date of activity. Please keep your original travel documents; the original boarding passes and a copy of your ticket in order to retroactively credit points to your account.