Children between 2 and 16 years of age are welcome to become FlyerBonus members as long as they have successfully enrolled and received the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

To enroll, please click here

You can update your member information and contact details online by logging into your FlyerBonus member page and select ‘My Profile’.

Please note that your given first name and / or last name can be only be amended by emailing your official proof of name change to flyerbonus@bangkokair.com

‘Points+Cash’ can be utilised via either of the participating channels below;

  • flyerbonus.bangkokair.com com
    (Log in and select 'Bangkok Airways Awards' then select 'Points+Cash' tab)
  • bangkokair.com (Select 'Points+Cash' tab and Log in)

Once logged in, just follow these simple steps to collect your 'Points+Cash' ticket!

  1. Select destination and your desired flight.
  2. At the payment stage, the number of FlyerBonus points as well as the monetary figure required for the flight will show. If happy to proceed, complete the transaction.
  3. Receive the flight itinerary via email.

To learn more, please click here