Winner Announcement for FlyerBonus - “Christmas Giveaways” Campaign

Congratulations to the FlyerBonus members, winner of the 'Christmas Giveaways' campaign between 24 – 30 December, 2020. The Lucky winners will be awarded with a one-night stay hotel accommodation with Breakfast for 2 people at either Bursarai Phuket or Shanghai Mansion Bangkok accordingly.


FlyerBonus ID


Room Types


9 21709096 Burasari Phuket Premier Room
(A one-night stay with Breakfast for 2 people)
THB 8,400
19 19703213
29 10793344
39 12950792
49 13165110 Shanghai Mansion Bangkok

Mei Hua Superior Room
(A one-night stay with Breakfast for 2 people)

THB 4,300
59 20459876
69 13104755
79 18907210
89 11196824

Total Value THB 55,100

All Hotel Accommodation Voucher winners will be contacted by the FlyerBonus team shortly with further information concerning the prize collection. We wish you a pleasant stay!

Terms and Conditions
  1. The Accommodation voucher winners from the Christmas Giveaways campaign will be notified by email at the address listed in the Member's FlyerBonus Profile within 3 January 2020 after the campaign period. The email will seek confirmation of prize received and payment of any applicable Withholding Tax.
  2. Winners accepting awards valued at more than THB 1,000 are required to pay withholding tax (5% of the prize value). This calculates to THB215.00 for a Mei Hua Superior Room at the Shanghai Mansion (Room Rate: THB4,300.00) and THB420.00 for a Premier Room at the Burasari Phuket (Room Rate: THB8,400.00) and is in accordance with Revenue Department Order Number TORPOR 4/2528 dated September 26, 1985 and TORPOR 104/2544 dated September 15, 2001. If a winner does not confirm acceptance of the prize, by paying the withholding tax within 15 days post-announcement, they will automatically forfeit their right to claim the prize. If a prize is not claimed within 15 days, the company reserves the right to withdraw all prize entitlements and award the prize to the next applicable reserve winner. If the reserve winner does not claim the prize, the company reserves the right to withdraw the prize.
  3. Members will be contacted by our FlyerBonus staff, to explain the details and confirmation of the prize received.
  4. Before confirming prize acceptance, it is the winner’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the stated Terms & Conditions
  5. Lucky Winners must present a withholding tax certificate, proof of their Government-issued picture ID or passport along with a copy and the Winner Notification email in order to receive their prize in person at the Head Office of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited; 99 Mu 14, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chomphon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
  6. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to substitute any prize winner(s) in the event they CANNOT be successfully contacted following all reasonable attempts to do so. If the reserve winner(s) cannot be contacted, is unavailable or does not claim their prize within the designated period, Bangkok Airways reserves the right to cancel the prize(s)
  7. Price acceptance is non-transferable.
  8. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or kind. No cash alternative is available. Where a prize becomes unavailable for any reason, Bangkok Airways reserves the right to substitute that prize for a prize of equal or higher value.
  9. The following list of expenditures are the responsibility of the winners accepting the prize;
    • Vat and Service charge incurred
    • Any transportation costs incurred to and from the winners' true origin and destination
    • Spending money, items of a personal nature and all other ancillary costs are not included as part of the prize
  10. Bangkok Airways shall not be responsible for any consequences that the accommodation vouchers winners are unable to travel on the designated date, the company reserves the right to withdraw the prize entitlements.
  11. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to alter accommodation arrangements, due to unforeseen changes in flight or other transportation schedules, conditions in the countries of travel or transit according to the tour itinerary or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event and such alteration may be made as deemed appropriate
  12. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to take photos of the winners and their companions which is the proprietary of Bangkok Airways. The winners and their companions must agree that photos and their name will be published for advertising and public relations purposes without paying any remuneration to the winners and their companions
  13. Bangkok Airways assumes no responsibility/liability for compensation, refunds or replacement if the voucher is damaged, lost, stolen, or any applicable reason. The voucher shall be deemed void if there is any change or an attempt to change all or any terms and conditions or information stated on the voucher.
  14. Members undertaking flight redemptions in the sequence of 9th, 19th, 29th and 39th will receive a one-night stay in Premier Room with breakfast for two at Burasari Phuket (4 prizes).
  15. Members undertaking flight redemptions in the sequence of 49th, 59th, 69th, 79th and 89th will receive a one-night stay in Mei Hua Superior Room with breakfast for two at Shanghai Mansion Bangkok (5 prizes).
  16. Lucky Winners must utilise their room vouchers stay at either hotel between 8 January – 31 March 2020
  17. Members must make an advance reservation at the respective hotel, at least 15 days prior to the intended date of stay
  18. Utilising a voucher is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the awarded accommodations.
  19. At time of check-in, the award certificate will be accepted as payment. The original copy of the award certificate and/or other proper identification must also be presented.
  20. The award certificate holder/guest/member is responsible for all applicable taxes, service charges and any other expenses incurred during the stay
  21. The award certificates are both category-and-level specific and number of nights specific. The award certificates cannot be used across categories or level, or for an amount of nights other than specified on the Award Certificate.
  22. Rooms are subject to availability. Black out dates will be enforced between 25 January – 2 February 2020. Please contact the hotel for further details.
  23. Maximum occupancy per room is two adults; additional guests may incur an additional charge
  24. Occupancy policies relating to children vary by property, the hotel should be contacted for further details prior to finalising the booking
  25. Cancellation policies apply at both hotels. The nightly rate on the confirmed check-in date will be charged in case of a no show.
  26. Award Certificates stays are not eligible for FlyerBonus Points or any other benefits
  27. The hotels reserve the right to reject an invalid / incorrect Award Certificate if details do not correspond with the booking and/or member’s details
  28. Bangkok Airways reserves its absolute right any time to remove/disqualify any Lucky Winners deemed unqualified or irrelevant and substitute with next applicable reserve winner.
  29. Bangkok Airways and Burasari reserves its absolute right at any time to add, alter, modify, change or vary any or all of the terms and conditions stated herein, as well as, remove unqualified participant from the campaign without prior notice. Bangkok Airways shall not be responsible for any consequences either direct or indirect loss and/or damage.
  30. Without prejudice to these Terms and Conditions, Bangkok Airways shall not be responsible for any consequences including but not limited to loss of life, injury to person and/or damage to property arising from or in connection with the Accommodation voucher winners and/or or use of the Prizes.
  31. If there is any dispute, the decision of the committee shall be final and binding
  32. Unless otherwise stated above, other Terms & Conditions of FlyerBonus apply