Point Accumulation

  1. Point accrual begins once membership approval status has been recorded and confirmed.
  2. Points will be credited to the member's account whose name is shown on the boarding pass.
  3. Unused or Expired Bangkok Airways and airline partner's air ticket shall not be eligible for FlyerBonus point credit.
  4. Members must quote their membership number when making a reservation and also present their digital membership card at check-in to ensure that points are automatically credited to their membership account. Some program partners may advise of different point accrual procedures.
  5. For promotions restricted to a particular market, residency is determined by the preferred mailing address registered by the FlyerBonus member.
  6. For code-share flight, FlyerBonus points are credited on the flight that is operated by Bangkok Airways under the code "PG" and subject to the eligible booking class. FlyerBonus Members flying on codeshare flights marketed by Bangkok Airways and operated by partner airlines are eligible to collect FlyerBonus points

Air Travel Points

  1. Types and number of points are designated by Bangkok Airways and subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Points are not credited to FlyerBonus member account for flight activity on award tickets and tickets under the booking classes of O, A, R, P, S, X, U and Z.
  3. Charter flights operated under a Bangkok Airways flight number are not eligible for point accumulation.
  4. If a member's air travel is disrupted due to reasons beyond the airline's control and the member is forced to change flight or carrier, points will be credited based on the original itinerary. The member will be required to send the original passenger ticket and receipt ticket and/or boarding pass to FlyerBonus for points crediting.
  5. Point credits can only be earned once per ticket regardless of the number of seats purchased or occupied by the member.
  6. Bangkok Airways, using sole discretion, may exclude specific flights from point accumulation with or without notice.
  7. It can take up to 14 working days after the flight activity date for points to appear in a member's account, provided that members have quoted their FlyerBonus membership number when making a reservation with Bangkok Airways or travel agent. Presenting your digital membership card at flight check-in is also required to ensure the membership number has been correctly quoted in the reservation.
  8. Each accrual activity can be credited to only one frequent flyer program.

Non-Airline Points

  1. FlyerBonus points that are awarded for non-airline transactions will be as specified in the Partners category.
  2. Members may earn FlyerBonus points for each qualifying hotel stay. A hotel stay is defined as any number of consecutive nights at one hotel, regardless of the number of rooms booked during the stay. Unless otherwise stated, qualifying stays refer to stays at rack, published, or best unrestricted rates.
  3. Members may earn FlyerBonus points for each qualifying car rental. Please check with the applicable car rental agent as to whether the rental rate qualifies for point accumulation.
  4. It can take up to 45 working days after the partner hotel and/or partner car rental activity date for points to appear in a member's account, provided that members have presented their FlyerBonus membership cards and state their intention to accrue points with hotel and car rental partners.
  5. Non-Airline partners may apply additional terms and conditions in respect to the availability and eligibility of FlyerBonus point accumulation.

Point Validation

  1. FlyerBonus points are valid until the 31st of December in the third year from the activity date. For example, if your activity date is 16th July 2007, your points will expire on the 31st December 2010. Expired points that are not redeemed are deemed void and deleted from membership accounts.
  2. FlyerBonus is not required to notify the member, outside its standard communications of the member's point expiration, date and/or the number of points due to expire.