Airline Partner Award Redemption

  1. Airline Partner awards are valid for roundtrip travel only
  2. Award flights on Airline Partners must be booked and ticketed at least 14 days prior to the planned date of departure
  3. Blackout dates may apply and are defined as such by the individual carrier
  4. FlyerBonus points can be redeemed for air award tickets on select Airline Partners for specifically marketed and operated flights.
  5. FlyerBonus points cannot be redeemed for air award tickets on Partner Airline codeshare flights that are operated or marketed by any airline.
  6. Subject to the Airline Partner, award bookings may be accepted within 330 days prior to the date of departure
  7. All flights must be confirmed before awards can be issued. Award tickets for open itineraries are not permitted and cannot be issued
  8. Waitlisting and/or advance seat selection is not permitted
  9. No infant and child point discounts are applicable: The same amount of (adult) points will be redeemed in case of seat occupation
  10. Members need to contact the FlyerBonus Member Service Centre for all award reservations: FlyerBonus Member Service*: Within Thailand:1771,Outside Thailand:66(02) 270 6699 (selecting the language and press 2) *Office Hours 08:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m., GMT +7, Monday to Friday, except on Thai public holidays Award tickets can only be issued at the Bangkok Airways Office.
  11. The issuance of award tickets is subject to the passenger being responsible for applicable departure taxes, airport or government handling fees, fuel surcharges, security and insurance charges and any other fees charged by any authorised entity. The passenger shall also be responsible for all other expenses and any other charges, claims or liabilities arising in relation to the use of tickets for Airline Partners awards.
  12. Award tickets must be issued within the ticketing time limit specified by FlyerBonus after the reservation is confirmed, otherwise the award booking will be automatically cancelled
  13. Point re-deposits for unused award booking is applicable in case of cancellation of unused award booking no longer than 30 days after Airline Partner award redemption and before the issuance of the tickets. This is subject to a service fee. The points can be re-deposited into the member's account, less any expiring points. Click here for Service Fees and Updates!
  14. Award tickets are valid for a maximum period of one (1) year from the original date of departure booked. The extension of validity is not permitted. The commencement of the last flight sector must not exceed the award ticket validity. Some special or promotional award tickets may have a validity of less than twelve months.
  15. Award ticket coupons cannot be used out of sequence. Coupons must be used in sequence of the proper order.
  16. Award tickets cannot be endorsed to a carrier other than that named on the ticket
  17. Award tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable once issued. Members are prohibited from selling or bartering Award Tickets.
  18. The sale or barter of points, Airline Partner award or other programme benefits is prohibited and will result in the forfeiture of all point credits or awards and the cancellation of membership. Violators will be liable for damages suffered or incurred by Bangkok Airways and/or Airline Partners
  19. Travel on award ticket does not qualify for point accumulation
  20. Members are responsible for all travel related documentation including passport and applicable visas when travelling on award tickets redeemed on Airline Partners. Award tickets are valid travel documents and are issued on the basis that all conditions specified on ticket issuance are applied. Without limiting this requirement, members must ensure that he or she has the correct visa, travel documents and inoculations (including those for infants).
  21. The award ticket is not permitted during embargo periods of each Airline Partner. At other times, all award tickets are subject to capacity control measures which may limit the number of available. FlyerBonus or Airline Partners may from time to time impose a period in which no awards are available. Airline Partner award tickets may not be available on all flights at all times.
  22. Changes to traveler's name, routing, class of service, direction of the travel or award type are not permitted
  23. Date changes are permitted within the validity period of the award ticket provided the ticket is totally unused and there is award seat availability. service fee is applied the request must be made directly to the FlyerBonus Member Service Centre during office hours, at least 7 business days (does not include Saturdays, Sundays and Thai Holidays) prior to the reserved departure date or the new departure date of the first segment (whichever is earlier)
  24. The award ticket is considered used if a member fails to check-in and take a flight already reserved. Subsequent segments under the same booking will be cancelled and members will not be able to refund any applicable taxes, surcharges, and fees or re-deposit those points
  25. Airline Partner award ticket cannot be upgraded by paying the fare differential
  26. Airline Partner award is subject to the change of flight schedule of each Airline Partners
  27. Use of a Airline Partner Award is subject to the issuing airline's conditions of carriage and other conditions as specified by the issuing airline
  28. FlyerBonus reserves the right to adjust the number of points required for a particular award, withdraw an award or impose additional restrictions on awards as well as withdraw, replace or substitute awards at any time with or without notice
  29. Other rules are in accordance with each Airline Partner’s regulations
  30. Unless otherwise stated above, other Terms and Conditions of FlyerBonus apply
  31. An award ticket that has been bought, sold or bartered by or to a member may be cancelled or confiscated without prior notice in the sole discretion of Bangkok Airways. If the award ticket has been utilized either partially or fully, the member will be liable for payment of travel on a full fare basis. All rights, including the right to bring legal action or to cancel a membership, are also reserved.